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The name PROVISION INVESTMENT SERVICES connotates the benefits of adding an advisor’s view to your financial decisions. We are confident that contributions of professional experience and trained insight can be a key to our clients’ progress toward their goals.

Our company is currently composed of one advisor and the support staff who assist him in serving the community. You can read more about Scott and his background under the Advisor Bio section of our site. As far as a company culture, our office is designed as an extension of our personal beliefs. We enjoy the relationships that are built with the people that we help. Our philosophy is simply to deliver every action with the same consideration that we would ask if the desk were turned.

One of our key objectives is to help address the risks that our clients face. We know that there are always risks in every area of life. However, we have learned how to identify them and help you respond to them with the resources available. Today’s family is faced with more financial complexity than perhaps any generation before. Increased market volatility mixed with more sophisticated investment vehicles and a heighten regulatory environment can be taxing obstacles which challenge the path to success. We are here help you move towards the top end of that spectrum. We work with clients to provide a real assessment of where they are, develop a plan to get where they are going, and work to see that their resources are positioned to benefit them.

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